Where should the door suction be installed?

Stainless steel Door Stops SS visible, many friends may not care at all, as long as it is installed, it will be fine, no matter what it looks like or where it is installed. In fact, the installation of the door suction is quite particular. The so-called details determine success or failure. If the door suction becomes a failure of home decoration, then the comfort of daily life may be ruined by it.
The door suction works because it is magnetic. Therefore, one end of it is installed on the door leaf, and the other end needs to be installed in a stable place, so that the door leaf can be firmly fixed and prevent external force from pushing it to the other side.

So, where should the other end of the door suction be installed?

At present, there are three main parts for installing door suction:

ground. It is to install the other end of the door suction on the ground. The advantages of this kind of door suction have two points: First, it is beautiful, unlike the door suction installed on the wall, which will protrude from the wall and occupy the indoor space to a certain extent. The second is stability. After all, the ground has a high degree of stability and can firmly fix the door leaf to prevent the door leaf from being closed by wind and other external forces. However, the insufficiency of the ground suction is also obvious: first, since the force point of the door suction is higher than the ground position, its torque is long, and the ground screw bears a large torque each time it is stressed. The door suction on the ground will loosen after a long time of use. Secondly, since the floor suction is installed on the ground, it will be hindered to a certain extent when cleaning the ground. If the quality of the floor suction is not good, or its material is wood, water will cause damage to it.

wall. It is divided into two types: above the door leaf and below the door leaf.

These two installation methods have basically the same effect. However, the door suction installed under the door leaf may make some friends feel that it is a little hindered when cleaning the ground. However, if it is the door suction of the bathroom, it is recommended to install it above the door leaf, because the bathroom is relatively humid, and the moisture tends to descend.

The most common installation method is to install the floor suction under the door leaf. However, it should be noted that do not install the door suction on the baseboard. As mentioned above, the other end of the door suction needs to be installed on a solid 0 object in order to stabilize the door leaf. The skirting line is glued to the wall. After all, it is not a part of the wall. When the door is opened and closed, the tension is enough to loosen the skirting line in a short time, and it may even damage the wall. The door suction at home must not be installed in this place. Many people do not understand it, and they know it is a pit when they live in it.

Post time: Feb-27-2023