How to install the sliding door hanging wheel

In our daily life, we can often see sliding door pulleys, also called hanging wheels or door wheels. Most people don’t know how to install them, so how to install sliding door hanging wheels? Next, we will introduce how to install our zinc alloy hanging wheel series.

1. How to install the sliding door hanging wheel?

1. Adjust the size of the track properly. When installing the pulley, ensure that the size of the track box is about 12 cm high and about 9 cm wide. Set the track in the track box, and the height of the sliding door must exceed 1 meter 95, which can avoid It looks depressing.

2. Check that the installation ratio is normal, and the specification of the sliding door hanging wheel needs to be maintained at 80 to 200 cm. This size is relatively stable and beautiful, and is the golden ratio of overall width and height.


3. Choose the appropriate sliding door. The choice of sliding door is also knowledgeable. It is not possible to use the floor-to-top type, because it is used frequently, the amplitude will be large, and the deformation will occur after a long time, making later use more difficult.

4. Set the track, first fix the track, then take a pen to draw a fixed surface on both ends of it, then install the track, and then use the vertical line to fix it to make sure it is parallel.


二、 what are the precautions for purchasing a sliding door?

1. Considering the market from the sliding door profile, the common sliding door frame profiles on the market are carbon steel, aluminum-titanium alloy, carbon steel outer film is rich in color and easy to rust, and aluminum-titanium alloy is a high-strength aviation material. High strength, light weight, good toughness, but the price is very expensive.

2. Considering the hanging wheels and hanging rails, the actual purchase must be selected according to the installation situation. They play an important role in the sliding door, and the magnesium-titanium-silicon alloy should be selected first. This material has excellent deformation resistance and service time. Long.


The above is the installation steps of the sliding door pulley. From the above article, we can see that all aspects should be considered when installing the sliding door, especially the material and accessories of the sliding door. Only when the material of the accessories meets the standard can the installation of the sliding door be guaranteed. Avoid a lot of trouble, save a lot of time and energy, and hope to help everyone.

Post time: Aug-04-2021