Zinc alloy sliding door wheels

Short Description:

  • Model: 208-01
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Products bearing: one wheel/ten kilogram
  • Product wheel: 8 wheel
  • Product packing: blister packing
  • Application: indoor sliding door
  • Optional color: AB AC SS/G
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    Introduction of door wheel

    Condor wheel is used at the moving door of balcony, kitchen, dining-room, it is the main component that moves the door, developed buffer to close the action actually, it will door fan hanging, the weight bearing capacity of the door is on wheel, cooperate with condor rail tacit understanding, make the door can move easily. Hanging wheel according to the category of moving door, including wooden door hanging wheel, glass door hanging wheel and folding door hanging wheel, according to the function of the division, there are luxury hanging wheel, ultra-silent hanging wheel, dustproof hanging wheel, etc.. The common load-bearing range of the lifting wheel is 60 to 120 jin

    Product Feature


    Door wheel advantage:

    mute bearing

    Built-in more smooth balls, sliding mutely, be powerful

    Thicken the fixing iron sheet

    Increased thickness of the fixed frame, can be more firmly fixed sliding door

    Impact resistant on head part

    In order to prevent the strong impact damage the hanging wheel, thickened collision prevention parts

    Details show quality


    Multi-layer electroplated effectively protect the hanging wheel, increased the door wheel acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.

    02 Second

    Disassembly accessories

    L shape disassembly plug design, quick to install

    Easy to remove

    03 Third

    Smooth bearing hanging wheel

    The use the SNK material sliding wheel, bring you a mute experience of live!

    Product Image

    dg (1)
    dg (2)

    The composition of the door wheel

    The sliding hardware of a sliding door consists of two parts, a hanging rail and a door wheel. The hanging rail is the sliding path of the door wheel, which supports and guides the door wheel. The door wheel connects the door leaf and the hanging rail to ensure smooth movement of the door leaf. The door wheel is generally composed of a hanging body, a boom, a stopper, an insert, and an insert seat. [5] In order to prevent the door wheel from swinging, a guide will be added, and the beautiful and high-end door wheel will also be equipped with a decorative cover.

    Product Application

    Application of door wheel:
    The door wheel is used for sliding doors of balconies, kitchens, restaurants, and it is an important part of sliding doors.

    door weel
    door weel

    一、 Installation method of zinc alloy hanging wheel:
    1. First set up the upper hanging wheel part of the sliding door.
    2. Pull the top off and insert a 6mm hexagonal wrench into the round hole.
    3. If you find it difficult to screw, you can use the short end of the wrench to insert the inner six holes of the screw, and then rotate it.
    4. After loosening the screws, pull out the upper pulley in parallel.
    5. Then screw in new screws.
    6. Push the upper hanging wheel into the gap between the screw cap and the inner wall of the door frame. In order to keep the upper hanging wheel at a certain distance, a piece of cardboard is sandwiched between the upper edge of the door frame and the plane of the upper hanging wheel.
    7. Then tighten the screws.
    8. The upper pulley is installed. Remove the cardboard.
    9. Turn the sliding door over, tree up, insert the screw through the round hole at the bottom, press the lower wheel with your hand, so that the screw hole of the adjustment box can be perpendicular to the screw, and the screw can be easily screwed in. Use a 5mm hexagonal wrench to tighten the screws.
    10. After the screw is screwed into the adjustment box, turn it five more times. At this point, the hanging wheels on one side and the lower side of the sliding door have been installed. The other methods of up and down hanging wheels are the same.
    11. If the sliding door is uneven after being installed on the hanging rail, you can use a 6mm hexagon wrench to continue adjustment. Rotate clockwise to raise, and turn counterclockwise to lower.



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