What kind of wall fits what kind of hook

Wall hangs coat hook, believe everybody is not strange, although it is more compact volume, but very practical, effective saved a space, let the thing such as bag, key, clothings, cap got very good place for. At present, the wall hanging clothes hook on the market is more, consumers have a lot of choices. The following small series for you to introduce the types of wall hooks, I hope to be helpful to you.


What are the types of coat hooks on the wall?

1, sucker type non-trace hook
This kind of hook is suitable for use in the ceramic tile surface, it is made of the physical effect of atmospheric pressure, this kind of non-trace hook is relatively simple, the requirements for the use of the surface is also relatively strict, and the price is very cheap.

2, viscose type non-trace hook
The principle is made of chemical viscose, and its advantages and disadvantages lie in the quality of viscose. If the purchase of a poor viscosity is likely to be sticky, and the viscosity is too strong hook is likely to be removed now to cause certain damage to the wall. The adhesive non-trace hook is sensitive to water and temperature. If the water vapor and temperature are relatively special in the kitchen and bathroom, it is easy to fall off

3, easy to pick up traceless hook
Easy to pick up the type of non-trace hook is also one of the adhesive hook, but its viscosity is different. Based on pressure-sensitive adhesive technology, slightly apply pressure to the adhesive strip when sticking, so that it can be more fully contacted with the wall. Pay attention to the normal use after sticking for 24 hours, the purpose is to make the load-bearing hanging more durable. Its feature is that it can be moved and reused.

Two, the wall hanging coat hook is suitable for height

1, the porch

Hallway porch puts hang clothes hook, can the simple article such as package, coat, key is hung buy go up in hook, very convenient. The height can be judged according to the height of the family members, in order to facilitate people to take things, the hei

Post time: Mar-23-2021