What are the styles of door suction

The door suction, also known as the door touch, is a device that can be sucked and positioned after the door leaf is opened, and is a device used to fix the door. Specific styles can be classified according to different classification methods, roughly as follows:

According to the different Zinc Alloy Door Stop, it can be divided into: electromagnetic door suction and permanent magnet door suction.


The electromagnetic door suction installation method can be divided into three categories: CT-02 floor type, CT-01 wall type, CT-03 chain type;

The ground electromagnetic door suction is composed of CT-01 wall electromagnetic door suction and right-angle ground mounting bracket;

The wall-type electromagnetic door suction can be divided into: standard type, heightened type, lengthened type, box type, concealed type, long arm type, etc. according to different structures;

The chain electromagnetic door suction is composed of CT-01 wall electromagnetic door suction and chain fasteners.

According to the installation method, it can be divided into: wall-mounted and floor-mounted door suction.

According to the material, it can be divided into: metal door suction, plastic door suction.

The metal door suction is mainly made of synthetic metal materials such as stainless steel and zinc alloy.

Plastic door suction is mainly made of silicone, rubber and other materials.

Precautions for door suction installation:

Confirm the installation method of the door suction, whether it is a ground or wall door suction, and then decide the installation size and reserve the installation space.

1. Open the door to the maximum, adjust the position of the door suction, use the method of fine-tuning the door suction up and down, left and right, confirm the ideal position and angle, and confirm the position of the door suction. After confirming the position, you can repeat the test twice, open the door to the maximum, and determine its position to avoid errors or unsatisfactory positions.

2. Mark the position of the confirmed installation door suction and the position of the door, not only locate the door, but also locate the door suction, which is for better installation.

3. Use an electric drill to drill the installation hole of the door suction on the ground or wall, usually only one hole is needed.

4. Do a good job of fixing the door suction. Tighten the screws above. The door suction is divided into a fixed end and a door end. The fixed end needs to be tightened before installation, and then use the included inner angle wrench to tighten the jig on the door. floor or wall.

5. Install the fixed end of the door suction and fix the screw.

6. Use a small inner angle to tighten the screws, confirm, fix the position, drill holes, assemble, and then make the ground installation fixed end, use the attached inner angle gadget to tighten the screws on the fixed end, door suction installation The work is almost done.

7. In order to ensure the overall coordination, fine-tuning can be done appropriately. It is best to adjust to the most suitable angle for the revolving door suction, so that it all fits with the door suction, and finally tighten the screws to complete.

Post time: Jun-27-2022