The purchase method of door suctionThe type of door suction

Door suction, also known as door touch, is a device that sucks and locates after the door page is opened.
to prevent the wind from blowing or touching the door leaf and closing it. Door suction is divided into permanent magnet
There are two types of door suction and half moon Door Stop with rubber. Permanent magnet door suction is generally used in ordinary doors.
It can only be controlled manually; electromagnetic door suction is used in electric control doors such as fire doors
Window equipment, with both manual control and automatic control functions. next little
The editor will introduce the purchase method of door suction and the types of door suction.
How to choose door suction
1. Choose a brand
There is a slogan that says “believe in the power of the brand”, so you can See, if the brand is famous enough, then the quality of its products.
The quantity will definitely give us a better guarantee, when we buy
There is no need to consider whether its quality has passed the test at all.
It solved a lot of trouble for us.
2. Select the material
Although this write brand is very good, the quality of its products we also
Rest assured, but we know that no matter how good or bad it is, it
There are relatively high-end or low-end products, so we have to choose
The material of the door suction, the door suction material currently on the market is varied
Yes, but after more use, the stainless steel door suction is
The best, not only looks better than other door suctions in appearance, but also Performance is also much better.

3. Practicality
There are two types of door suctions: wall suction and floor suction, which can be selected according to the situation at home
Choose, but pay attention, sometimes the use of wall suction can only be installed to the skirting
On the line, it is easy to pull the skirting off after using it for a long time.
In this case, it is best to choose to inhale.
Types of door suctions
Ordinary permanent magnet door suction is divided into wall-mounted type and floor-mounted type according to the installation form.
The quality is divided into plastic type and metal type; electromagnetic door suction according to different installation methods
The products are divided into three types: CT-01 wall type, CT-02 floor type, CT-03 chain type
Type, wall-type electromagnetic door suction is divided into standard type, increase
High type, extended type, box type, concealed type, long arm type, etc.; floor type
Electromagnetic door suction is supported by CT-01 wall-type electromagnetic door suction and right-angle ground mounting support
Frame composition; chain electromagnetic door suction is composed of CT-01 wall electromagnetic door suction and chain
Conditional fastener composition; due to CT-01 wall type, CT-02 floor type, CT-03
The main bodies of the chain electromagnetic door suction are common to each other, which is convenient for users to use according to the current situation.
Field installation conditions to choose.

Post time: Sep-24-2022