The difference between electromagnetic door suction and ordinary door suction

In ordinary families, we rarely see electromagnetic door suction. But it is indeed silently dedicated to our better life. So, how does this door suction work?

The electromagnetic door suction is mainly composed of three parts, including electromagnet, suction plate and mounting base or bracket. The electromagnet is used to install on the wall, and the suction plate is used to install on the door leaf, and the base and the electromagnet are installed together. Since the door at home does not need to be open all the time, there is no need to use an electromagnetic door suction, and a manual permanent magnet door suction is used to compare the hinges. The electromagnetic Zamak Door Stop SS touch is mostly used on fire doors, so as to ensure that the fire door is normally open and automatically closed when a fire occurs.

Electromagnetic door suction is mainly used in various automatic doors. It is a door positioning device that uses this principle to generate suction. In the power supply state, the electromagnet part on the wall or the ground will generate a magnetic field, which will attract the door on the door leaf and keep the automatic door open. In the event of an emergency, after the control room is powered off, the electromagnet will When the magnetic field is gone, the door will automatically close and a feedback signal will be sent to the control room.


Door Stopper

Door suction is actually the door touch we usually see. It is mainly used to hold the opened door to the positioning object. It is a necessary hardware material for the installation of modern doors. So, what is the structure of the door suction? What does it do?

The door suction is composed of two parts, namely the suction plate and the electromagnet. Usually, the suction plate is used to install on the door leaf, and the electromagnet is installed on the wall or on the ground.

As for the type of door suction, it mainly includes permanent magnet door suction and electromagnetic door suction. The former is mostly used for installation in general doors and requires manual control; while the latter is mostly used for installation in electronically controlled door and window devices such as fire doors. In addition to manual control, it can also be automatically controlled. In addition, in terms of material, the door can also be divided into plastic type and metal type.

The main function of the door suction is to prevent the open door from automatically closing due to the flow of air, or to prevent the door from being blown late to make noise. In some old houses, most doors are not installed with door suctions, while in modern home decoration, there are basically door suctions.

Post time: Feb-21-2022