New type door stopper—Introduction to rubber door stopper

I believe everyone is familiar with Zinc Alloy Door Stop mounts. Normally, households use electromagnetic door stoppers or permanent magnetic door stoppers. This is the most common door stopper that has been promoted on the market, and recently there is a newly developed one. Door stopper is rubber door stopper. Let me show you the latest rubber door stopper today.

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New type door stopper-introduction to door stopper

The door stopper is also commonly known as door touch. It is also a device that sucks and locates the door leaf after it is opened to prevent it from being closed by wind blowing or touching the door leaf. Door stoppers are divided into two types: permanent magnetic door stoppers and electromagnetic door stoppers. Permanent magnetic door stoppers are generally used in ordinary doors and can only be controlled manually; electromagnetic door stops are used in fire doors and other electronically controlled door and window equipment, which have both manual control and automatic control. Control function.

Starting from structural design, formula design and process design, a new type of rubber door stopper was developed. The test results of the finished product show that compared with the traditional metal door stopper, the new rubber door stopper has the advantages of no noise, no rust, no harm, no damage to the door, no damage to the wall, etc., and the structure is simple, easy to manufacture, and the production cost is more A large reduction is suitable for promotion.

At present, the door stoppers (namely door bumpers) sold on the market are mainly made of metal materials. Under the action of external wind, the metal door stoppers are likely to cause damage to the door or wall, with low safety factor and collision noise. To solve these problems, a new type of rubber door stopper was developed. The structural design of the new rubber door stopper includes the bumper fixed on the door frame and the bumper fixed on the wall. Therefore, the new door stopper has the incomparable advantages of the traditional door stopper.

New type door stopper-advantages of rubber door stopper

1. Flexible silicone.

2. Wear-resistant and durable.

3. Tightly plug the door gap, tightly close to the bottom of the door, and will not close the door accidentally.

4. Compared with electromagnetic door stoppers, rubber door stoppers can be completely silent.

5. Rubber door stopper is easier to install than electromagnetic door stopper.

Post time: Dec-13-2021