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If it doesn’t premiere on Netflix, Charlie Kaufman’s new movie “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” will be the same as Christopher Nolan’s recently released ” Tenet has a double attraction. This is not only because the sick and con regret of Kaufman’s novel “Antkind”, the protagonist of the film critic is pleased. Distortions in the brain of Nolan’s films and Kaufman’s own works. Like Tenet, Kaufman’s latest work is full of changes in time, the headache of metaphysical conceit and formal self-referentiality, guiding us how to watch it while watching. Unlike Tenet, it is a surreal, low-key two-handed assistant, trying to shock us without disturbing our eardrums.
The movie starring Jessie Buckley and Jesse Plemons is certainly not entirely accidental. The film revolves around a couple whose relatively new relationship may be about to collapse because Barkley’s Lucy resigned and agreed to visit Plemons Jake’s parents. Lucy-may not actually be called Lucy-is someone who has doubts about the relationship. She is an artist-perhaps a physicist or a poet-and her head (which we have always dismissed) privy remarks are infallible and can echo the cruel insecurities of the nice but dull Jack himself, As the weather worsened, they were getting closer and closer to his childhood home.
Although Kaufman’s films always have a soft spot for the disturbing horror that exists, when the protagonist arrives at Jack’s parents’ creepy farm, I’m thinking about “The Ending Thing” which improves this by one or more. Two. Mom and Dad are a little crazy (they are played by Tony Colette and David Tris, both of them are insane), coupled with the sudden passing of time and capricious repetition, they repeatedly changed Lucy and Jack His love affair soon destroyed Lucy’s ability to distinguish between true and false.
How is this going? At first it felt like we entered “Twilight Zone” or “The Shining”, then the Chinese and Western version of Alain Resnais’s “Marienbad’s Last Year”, and Lucy – or the lady Lucy we know – found Suddenly he started a conversation with Jack’s parents’ elderly and infirm. The performance of Buckley and Plemons has undergone subtle changes, which makes us extremely unbalanced, although the film seems to be trying to think about the indulging in the complex psychological overlap between husband and wife, and how interpersonal relationships profoundly change who we are (or we think we are Who is it?) It is developing in a more desolate and darker direction. Although it is based on a novel by Canadian writer Iain Reid in 2016, it is purely Kaufman’s work. Cunning, cunning fell into the sadness and madness of solipsism.
Disney’s controversial decision to bypass troubled movie theaters and hype the live-action remake of Mulan on Disney+ (charged on top of the monthly subscription fee for the streaming service), given that this is really boring. Fully commercial significance. Abandoning the song and the voice of Eddie Murphy (Eddie Murphy), with a resolute style, what we get is a pretty humorous, clichéd female licensed film that follows the general plot and beat of the original, but tries to pass Making Mulan’s movie transforms itself into a “Star Wars” combat power depends on the kind of power. Liu Yifei played a good role in the talented girl. She pretended to be a boy and played the role of the disabled father in the emperor’s army on her behalf. But this great Gong Li was wasted by a witch. She hoped to force her to join the marriage and overthrow it. Patriarchy suppressed the power structure of the two of them. Stylistically, New Zealand director Niki Caro (whale rider) freely borrowed from Wu Xia’s films, which briefly attracted international celebrity audiences after the success of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” (Hucdenden Dragon) His eyes (visually and paying tribute to “Hero”, “The House of Flying Daggers”) and “The Curse of the Golden Flower”, but the actions are not as general as imagined: a lot of glances at the camera, but I don’t understand How to use them to advance the story.
Not to be confused with the musical adaptation of the doorstop adapted for the novel by Victor Hugo in 1862, the Oscar-nominated French crime drama Les Misérables is replaced by Hugo’s socially conscious prose The spirit came to condemn the way Hugo’s social structure condemned them. It was captured and transferred to Montfermeil on the outskirts of Paris shortly after France’s 2018 World Cup victory. In doing so, Ladj Ly, the premiere plot director, used these ironic satirical fables to study police brutality and exacerbated the plight of young immigrant residents who have been locked in the criminal system throughout history. The police is our first entry point into this world, and the film will be zeroed out on Ruiz (Damien Bonnard) in the form of a training day, which is for the Paris street crime department New transfer. However, if the movie was originally released as a strict police procedure, Ly would start to expand his horizons by letting a local man with a drone accidentally capture the escalating situation between the police and a group of teenagers. In the footage, the last child was kidnapped. Shoot with a non-lethal Flash-Ball gun. After increased tensions and chaos broke out, there were bubbling elements in French urban dramas such as Lahain and De Pan, but also in “Lord of the Flies”, “Lonely Home”, “Teenage Boy” The fanatical classics “Over the Edge” and “Even The Lion King, as children’s violent sales campaigns carefully planned, have also exposed the cyclical destructive nature of this system. In this system, adults who should have protected them repeatedly sell Drop one’s own futures. ■
“I’m Thinking About Ending” is available on Netflix, “Mulan” is available on Disney+, and Les Misérables is showing in some theaters
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Post time: Sep-05-2020