Installation method of door suction switch — install the door suction by yourself

It is a very common practice to install a Zinc Alloy Door Stop  behind the door. Small door suction, there is no small role, it can avoid the door by unnecessary damage, use at the same time is very convenient

Installation method of Zinc Alloy Door Stop suction  determine the design

First of all, to confirm the door suction switch installation, is installed on the ground, or installed on the wall. Also confirm the specific installation location, size, and the number of Spaces to be left behind the door must comply with the wish. Open the door to the maximum position required, test the door suction effect is reasonable, the door suction on the door distance is appropriate to locate the position of the door, roughly positioned after the door is good, open the door, try the actual operation is reasonable, including the door suction is in a little, or out a little, the specific Angle of the door suction.

Finally determine the position, do positioning on the floor tiles, first locate the stop position of the door with a pencil on the floor tiles to confirm the position of the door, draw a line on the ground with a pencil, first confirm the final position of the door open, the next step to confirm the final installation position of the door suction.

Installation method for Zinc Alloy Door Stop suction start installation

The next work, is to play electric drill, on the ground drilling door suction switch installation hole. Then install the fixed end of the door suction switch, tighten the screw above, the door suction switch is divided into a fixed end and the door end, the fixed end needs to tighten the screws before installation, and then with the attached inner loop Angle wrench will be fixed on the ground or wall. It is a fine job to twist the screw with the small inner loop Angle. No experience can do it. After confirming the position, punching and assembling, the next job is to install the fixing end on the ground.

Tighten the screws above the fixing end with the included inner corner gadget and the door suction switch will be installed automatically. The door suction switch end on the door as long as the screw can be tightened, the door suction switch light installation of the fixed end is still useless, also want the door installed, the key or the positioning of the door end, the method is to first open the door to the largest, and then find the accurate position on the door, tighten the door end door with the screw.

Installation method of Zinc Alloy Door Stop suction final adjustment

Fine tuning the Angle of the fixed end of the door suction switch and then completely tighten it. The last step in the installation of the door suction switch is fine tuning. The Angle of the revolving door suction is fully fitted to the door end and the door suction.


Post time: Jun-16-2021