Installation method of door stop

Ordinary door stop according to the installation form is divided into wall installation type, ground installation type, plastic type, metal type according to the material

Wall type electromagnetic door stop according to the different structure is divided into standard type, heighten type, lengthening type, box type, dark type, long arm type; Ground type electromagnetic door stop is composed of CT-01 wall type electromagnetic door stop and right-angle ground mounting bracket;

1. Install the bottom cover of the suction seat in the appropriate position on the door body with self-tapping screws (two);
2. Install the suction seat cap and spring into the shell of the suction seat;
3. Swing the suction seat shell into the bottom cover of the suction seat;
4. Determine the position of suction head, so that the suction head and suction seat can be accurately determined;
5. Drill expansion bolt holes and self-tapping screw holes on the wall;
6. Punch the expansion bolt and screw rubber sleeve into the corresponding hole;
7. Install the bottom cover of suction head;
Door stopper
Door stopper
8. Screw the suction head into the bottom cover of the suction head.

1, to prevent the collision in the handling.
2, when cleaning, try not to wet the metal plating parts, first use a soft cloth or dry cotton yarn to remove dust, and then wipe with a dry cloth, keep dry. Do not use colored cleaners or damage the surface layer.



Post time: May-31-2021