half moon Door Stop with rubber

How to maintain the Door Stop? Door Stop, also known as door touch, is also a door after opening the suction positioning device, in order to prevent wind blowing or touching the door and closed. Door Stop is divided into permanent magnet Door Stop and electromagnetic door Stop two kinds, permanent magnet door suction is generally used in ordinary doors, can only be manually controlled; Electromagnetic door is used in fireproof doors and Windows and other electronic control equipment, both manual control and automatic control functions.

How to maintain the Door Stop? The following two points need to be noted:

1, to prevent the collision in the handling.

2, when cleaning, try not to wet the metal plating parts, first use a soft cloth or dry cotton yarn to remove dust, and then wipe with a dry cloth, keep dry. Do not use colored cleaners or damage the surface layer.

The specific method of installing the door suction can be referred to the following steps:

How to install the foot Door Stop

half moon Door Stop with rubber

Ordinary permanent magnet Door Stop according to the installation form of wall mounted type, ground mounted type, plastic type, metal type according to the material; Electromagnetic door suction according to different ways of door installation products are divided into CT-01 wall type, CT-02 ground type, CT-03 chain type three categories, wall electromagnetic Door Stop according to the different structure is divided into standard type, heighten type, lengthened type, box type, dark type, long arm type; Ground type electromagnetic door suction is composed of CT-01 wall type electromagnetic door suction and right-angle ground mounting bracket; Chain type electromagnetic Door Stop is composed of CT-01 wall type electromagnetic Door Stop and chain fastener; Because CT-01 wall type, CT-02 ground type and CT-03 chain type electromagnetic Door Stop body are common to each other, it is convenient for users to choose according to the site installation conditions.

Post time: Jun-22-2021