Door suction selection method


Most of the high-quality rubber-head Zinc Alloy Door Stop mounts suctions are made of stainless steel. The door suctions of this material are durable and not easily deformed. When purchasing door suction products, everyone should pay special attention to the appearance of the door suction, the manufacturing process and the toughness of the shock-absorbing spring, and try to buy products with solid shape, fine craftsmanship and high shock absorption toughness.


When purchasing a door suction, pay attention to the applicability of the door suction. Take an example to illustrate this problem: if your door suction is installed on the wall, you should pay attention to whether there are heating, lockers and other items with a certain thickness above the door suction. If there is, you need to install the door suction in another location. Or install a longer door suction product, otherwise, even if the door suction is installed, it is likely to be unusable.


1. Door suction is divided into permanent magnet door suction and electromagnetic door suction. Permanent magnet door suction is generally used in ordinary doors and can only be controlled manually; electromagnetic door suction is used in electronically controlled door and window equipment such as fire doors, and has manual control. and automatic control functions.

2. Ordinary permanent magnet door suctions are divided into wall-mounted type and floor-mounted type according to the installation form, plastic type and metal type according to the material; wall-type electromagnetic door suction is divided into standard type, heightened type, lengthened type and box type according to different structures. Type, concealed type, long arm type, etc.; it is convenient for users to choose according to the installation conditions on site.

Post time: Jan-24-2022