Does the bathroom need to install a door suction?

Because of the unique function of the bathroom, there must be a good guarantee for privacy, so even in the bathroom at home, a bathroom door needs to be installed. When it comes to Zinc Alloy Door Stopper with magnet antique brass, we have to mention door suction. Do bathroom doors use door suction? The answer is of course yes, if there is no door suction to fix the bathroom door, it is extremely inconvenient to use, and it is often necessary to prevent the bathroom door from falling.

Does the bathroom door use door suction? Most people should not consider this issue at all, but from the actual demand, it is also necessary to install a door suction on the door of the bathroom. For doors such as glass sliding doors in the bathroom, it is not necessary to install a door suction, and for those wooden doors and swing doors, it is necessary to install a door suction. Because if the door suction is not installed, then when we open the door, the door lock handle on the door will easily hit the wall behind the door, which will not only damage the door lock, but also leave a depression on the wall behind the door, so Very ugly. We all know that the function of the door suction is to prevent the door from being closed by wind or other external forces when it is open. In fact, another function is to protect the door lock and the wall to prevent the door lock and the wall from colliding. Therefore, the editor suggests that it is better to install a door suction on the door of the bathroom. The price of this door suction is generally not very expensive, and it can bring a lot of convenience to life after installation.


1. Stainless steel door suction: Stainless steel is the first material we think of, and it is also commonly used. Stainless steel corrosion-resistant wall, and high strength, very durable, but the price is slightly higher.

2. Plastic door suction: If the door suction we use for the bathroom is made of plastic, then there is no need to consider the problem of the door suction being damp and corroded, and the price is very cheap, but the plastic product itself is easy to age and become very Fragile, it will lead to cracking, and the service life is not long.

3. Zinc alloy door suction: The use of zinc alloy door suction is relatively common and the price is relatively cheap. However, due to environmental factors, rust will also occur within a few years of use.

4. Copper door suction: Copper material is the most ideal door suction material. It has better performance in all aspects, and its corrosion resistance is also the best among various materials, but the price of copper door suction is also the highest among them. , not acceptable to everyone.

Post time: Jan-19-2022