A method of making a rubber door stop is invented

[Technical field]
The utility model belongs to the technical field of high polymer materials and daily necessities, in particular to a rubber door stop.

[Background Technology]

At present, many rooms, especially the kitchen, bathroom walls are attached to smooth ceramic tiles, but due to inertia, the kitchen, bathroom door lock often directly collide on the wall tile, as time passes, wall tile and door lock will be damaged. Collisions and beautiful need are produced to prevent door and metope ceramic tile, some people choose to install iron qualitative door to touch.

In the installation process of traditional iron door touch, the wall and door need to be drilled and installed, which destroys the wall and door. In the process of use, especially in the kitchen and bathroom such humidity relatively large environment easy to rust, affect the appearance, and is not easy to clean; In addition, in the process of use, the traditional iron door touch two coupling parts collide with each other when the noise is larger, there is a certain amount of noise pollution.
Therefore, it is necessary to develop a simple structure, good performance, no pollution, easy to clean door stop
A method of making a rubber door stop is invented


According to the inadequacy of the prior art, a kind of rubber door stop with simple structure and low price is provided to prevent the door and the lock from hitting the wall.

The technical scheme of the utility model is realized according to the following method:

The utility model relates to a rubber door stop, which comprises a frame plate composed of a left vertical plate, a right vertical plate, an upper vertical plate and a lower vertical plate, and a member with the same height as the frame plate is provided with a buffer in the frame plate; A magnet block is arranged on the left vertical plate outside the frame plate, and a plurality of through holes are arranged on the right vertical plate.

The component is a double W type component, respectively W type component I and W type component II, the W type component I is fixed on the left vertical plate, the W type component II is fixed on the right vertical plate.

The W-type member I and the W-type member II are interconnected.

The member is a meter type member.

The thickness of the upper and lower vertical plates is less than that of the left and right vertical plates.
A method of making a rubber door stop is -2 (1)A method of making a rubber door stop is -2 (2)

The utility model has the following beneficial effects:

This utility model is applied to the door and the wall between, have the effect of fixed to the door, prevent the door hit the wall and door lock, simple structure, convenient processing, low cost, material mainly selects the corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, aging resistant, with moderate hardness of non-toxic tasteless color elastic rubber, processing and forming process is simple, so beautiful sex good, strong practicability.

Rubber door stop in the process of use, the door stop can be adsorbed at any position on the edge of the iron door, including the bottom end of the edge of the door. When the door and wall are near, the rubber door is affected by the external force of the door and wall. Because double W component is used when designing 6 or meter type component 9 and on erect plate 3, the thickness of next erect plate 4 is thinner than left erect plate 1, right erect plate 2, produce elastic deformation and bend to flinch above all, buffered the external force action of door and wall so.

when rubber door blocked by the door and walls of the larger external force, the double W 6 or 9 m type components and component set up under the board 3, vertical deformation is larger, 4 2 1, right and left set plate plate can also have a certain amount of deformation, this can ensure the whole rubber door stop to maximize the corresponding buffer shock absorption effect, prevent the collisions doors and walls.

Post time: Mar-25-2021