Mechanical Door Stoppers: Simple and Effective Solutions for Your Home or Office

Mechanical door stoppers are a simple yet effective solution for preventing doors from slamming shut or opening too far. These devices are typically made of durable materials such as metal or rubber, and are designed to be placed at the base of a door to prevent it from moving beyond a certain point.

One of the main benefits of mechanical door stoppers is their ease of use. Unlike other types of door stoppers, such as magnetic or adhesive stoppers, mechanical stoppers do not require any installation or special tools. They can simply be placed in front of the door and adjusted as needed.

Let’s Look at the door stop made by Z-L Hardware.there are many advantages about this item:

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1.Technical Innovation: Mechanical instant locking technology completely solves the insufficient suction problem of the traditional magnetic door stopper. The damping springs help the door stop absorb slamming forces and minimize noise characteristics, helping to reduce startling without interrupting your work. Ideal for home or studio use.

2.Durable Quality:The heavy duty door stop is made of high quality zinc alloy, strong and rust resistant. Built-in mechanical spring damping, over 70,000 tests. After hundreds of scratch tests, it is still shiny and scratch free.

3.Adjustable Height:The telescopic rod of the door latch is adjustable, the height can be adjusted according to the height of the door gap, suitable for the maximum height of the door gap of 20mm, please measure the height of your door gap before purchasing.

4.Three Ways to Install:Sturdy and rust-proof door bracket provides 3 ways to install. 3M stickers and superglue do not require drilling or permanent mounting with screws. The updated hidden screw hole effectively prevents scratches caused by accidental contacts and maintains a beautiful appearance.

5.KEEP DOORS OPEN:Our door stoppers are a good solution for keeping indoor/outdoor doors open. Perfect for windy areas, make sure your doors stay open to the wind for air to circulate around your home and say goodbye to damage to doors and walls caused by slamming doors.

Post time: Sep-18-2023